Are There YouTube Channels for Learning Crochet?

12 Recommended YouTube Channels to Start Your Crochet Hobby

Learning new skills is no longer limited to guidebooks or conventional courses.

The internet, particularly video platforms like YouTube, has become an invaluable resource for acquiring new knowledge.

One growing trend is learning through video tutorials, and if you’re someone interested in starting the hobby of crochet, you might be wondering, “Are there YouTube channels suitable for learning crochet?”


Don’t worry!

In this article, Empower Yourself will explore the YouTube world and present you with 12 outstanding channel recommendations to kickstart your crochet hobby.

From step-by-step guides to inspirational projects, each channel offers a unique and engaging learning experience.

Let’s explore together!

What is Crochet and Why Can it Become a Satisfying Hobby?

Crochet, also known as knitting, is the art of creating fabric by interlocking yarn using a special needle called a crochet hook.

In this technique, yarn is formed into circles or chains that interconnect to create diverse patterns and textures. Crochet can be used to make various items, from clothing and accessories to home decorations.

The Uniqueness of Crochet and Why it Can Become a Satisfying Hobby

  1. Limitless Creativity: Crochet is a creative medium that allows boundless self-expression. By choosing different types of yarn and combining them with various patterns, you can create unique and personal works.
  2. Portable and Easy to Learn: One significant advantage of crochet is its portability. You only need yarn, a crochet hook, and a pattern to start. It can be done anywhere, from sitting on the couch to long journeys.
  3. Varied Projects: Crochet provides a range of projects, from simple ones for beginners to more complex ones for experienced crafters. Whether making scarves, hats, blankets, or garments, the project options are diverse.
  4. Therapeutic and Relaxing: Crocheting can be a form of creative therapy that helps alleviate stress and anxiety. The process of crocheting with a focus on patterns and yarn can create feelings of calmness and relaxation.
  5. Meaningful Gifts: Creating something with your own hands provides satisfaction. You can make meaningful gifts for yourself or others, which are far more special than commercial items.
  6. Solid Community: Crochet creates opportunities to connect with a community that shares the same interests. Joining crochet groups or following online tutorials allows you to build a network with people who have similar hobbies.

Therefore, crochet is not just a manual activity; it is an art that combines creativity, tranquility, and practical functionality. It’s no wonder many people find happiness and enjoyment in pursuing crochet as one of their hobbies.

12 Recommended YouTube Channels for Learning Crochet

1. Bella Coco Crochet

Bella Coco Crochet, guided by Sarah-Jayne Fragola, is perfect for beginners. Sarah-Jayne not only explains basic techniques clearly but also provides fun project ideas.

Example Video: “Crochet 101: Beginner’s Guide” – This video guides you through the basic steps of crochet, ensuring you have a solid foundation before starting your first project.

2. Jayda InStitches

Jayda InStitches adds a creative touch to the world of crochet. Guided by Jayda Hong, the channel offers easy-to-follow tutorials and explores more complex projects for experienced crafters.

Example Video: “How to Crochet a Mandala for Beginners” – Jayda guides you through the steps of creating a beautiful mandala, providing a fun challenge for beginners looking to sharpen their skills.

3. The Crochet Crowd

Led by Michael Sellick, The Crochet Crowd offers tutorials covering various skill levels. From basic to advanced projects, you’ll find something here.

Example Video: “Crochet Granny Square Beginner Tutorial” – A beginner-friendly tutorial for creating a granny square, the foundation of many crochet projects.

4. Fiber Flux

Jennifer Dickerson, the owner of Fiber Flux, combines gentleness and expertise in each video. Fiber Flux not only teaches crochet techniques but also provides insights into yarn selection and design.

Example Video: “How to Crochet the Primrose Stitch” – This video shows how to create a beautiful stitch used in various crochet projects.

5. Yarnspirations

The official channel of Yarnspirations presents exciting projects with their yarn. With clear tutorials and abundant inspiration, it’s a great place to find fashionable projects.

Example Video: “How to Crochet: Bernat Velvet Stripes Blanket” – Step-by-step instructions for making a blanket using Bernat Velvet Stripes yarn.

6. Hopeful Honey by Olivia

Managed by Olivia, a skilled crochet designer, Hopeful Honey offers tutorials combining beauty and practicality, guiding you through unique and elegant projects.

Example Video: “Crochet Cable Stitch Tutorial” – Olivia discusses cable crochet techniques applicable to various projects.

7. HappyBerry Crochet

Laura Eccleston, the owner of HappyBerry Crochet, presents clear and easy-to-follow crochet tutorials. From simple to complex projects, you’ll find inspiration here.

Example Video: “Crochet for Complete Beginners – Basics and Tips” – A comprehensive guide for beginners in the world of crochet.

8. The Secret Yarnery

Guided by Krista Cagle, The Secret Yarnery offers beginner-friendly crochet guides and interesting project ideas. Krista often discusses yarn color choices and provides useful tips.

Example Video: “How to Crochet the Granny Ripple Blanket” – Tutorial for making a granny ripple blanket with interesting color variations.

9. Crochet Hooks You

Managed by Brittany, a crochet enthusiast, Crochet Hooks You shares educational and inspirational crochet content.

Example Video: “Crochet Stitches You Need to Know” – A tutorial video for mastering various stitches in crochet.

10. Crochet with Clare

Clare, also known as Crochet with Clare, is an experienced crochet instructor. The channel provides easy-to-follow crochet tutorials and offers tips and tricks to enhance your crochet skills.

Example Video: “How to Crochet a Blanket – Chunky Blanket Pattern” – A complete guide to creating a cozy chunky blanket.

11. Croby Patterns

Managed by Doroteja, a crochet pattern designer, Croby Patterns offers aesthetic crochet tutorials and modern projects, suitable for those seeking contemporary styles in crochet.

Example Video: “Crochet Shawl Tutorial – The Meadow” – Step-by-step tutorial for creating an elegant shawl.

12. The Crochet Crowd

Michael Sellick, the owner of The Crochet Crowd, provides a unique perspective and interesting projects. Mikey often presents innovative tutorials.

Example Video: “Crochet Kaleidoscope Afghan” – Guide to creating a mesmerizing kaleidoscope afghan.

With this additional list, you have more YouTube channel options to explore in your crochet journey. Each channel has a different style and approach, providing rich variation in learning and inspiration. Happy exploring!

NB: Empower Yourself does not have any collaboration with these 12 channels. There is no promotion effort. If you have a YouTube channel discussing crochet and want to be featured in this article, please contact us on the Contact page.

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