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Avoid These 5 Money-Making Methods During Maternity Leave

Confusing! That’s what comes to my mind. Why do mothers seek ways to earn money during maternity leave? Isn’t maternity leave supposed to be a time of rest for new mothers? After all, health is more important than money, and staying healthy is cheaper than falling ill.

However, let’s face the harsh reality. In this tough world, many mothers have no other choice. They have to work even when they are supposed to be resting. Is this a modern form of exploitation? Or just an unavoidable financial necessity?

There are several factors that make maternity leave a time for generating income. The most dominant one is financial issues. Many are pressured by the cost of baby needs, becoming single mothers, losing career opportunities, and other financial reasons.

But, is there a way to make money during maternity leave that is safe for health and effective even for the most stubborn individuals? There is!

Here is a list of jobs that generate income during maternity leave:

1. Freelance or Independent Work

One of the safest jobs for health during maternity leave is freelancing. This type of job is considered light for new mothers because freelancing is flexible. It offers flexibility in terms of place, time, and income.

However, it is important to avoid freelance jobs that do not match your field. Instead of earning extra income, you may end up with a mental burden, resulting in stress and fatigue. Make sure the work aligns with your skills or expertise.

You can start freelancing with the following examples:

  • Content Writing: Writing articles, blogs, or social media content. A mother can write while the baby sleeps, utilizing available free time. For example, many mothers start a blog about their parenting experiences and successfully attract a wide readership.
  • Graphic Design: Creating designs for small businesses or individual projects. With the right software, this job can be done from home with high flexibility. For instance, you can create digital invitation designs or logos for small businesses.
  • Social Media Management: Managing social media accounts for companies or influencers. This can be done with a flexible schedule and does not require physical presence in the office. Some mothers have succeeded as social media managers for local businesses.

There are many other fields that are beneficial for you both in terms of health and income.

Tips for Beginners

For beginners, freelancing online might feel challenging because getting projects depends on experience, portfolio, and ratings. But don’t let this discourage you before trying.

Start with small projects to build your portfolio and gain experience. Use trusted freelance platforms. Don’t just choose and trust any platform blindly to avoid scams. Here are some freelance platforms often recommended for beginners:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • 99designs


Talking about income, it is all up to you. There are many projects you can take on that pay according to your expectations. Whether a project gets accepted or not is a part of the job. However, with a good portfolio and increasing ratings, your chances of getting bigger projects will also increase.

2. Online Selling: Opportunity or Trap?

Many recommend online selling as a way to earn money during maternity leave. They say, selling online is very easy. Create an online store, find products to stock or dropship, set prices and calculate profits, then promote.

It sounds easy, but the reality is not as beautiful as it sounds.

Why is that?

In this advanced era, selling has become easier. Interest in selling is increasing. Behind it, there are hidden difficulties. What are they? Competition. What causes competition? Here are the factors:

  1. Job Loss: During an economic downturn, many employees lose their jobs, possibly due to layoffs or other reasons. Selling is often seen as a solution to meet needs. It doesn’t require complex skills and is aided by today’s advanced technology.
  2. Dropshipping: This system makes selling easier. No need to stock goods, set prices and profits freely, no hassle with shipping, small capital, and more.
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Personal Experience

As a mother, I personally avoid online selling because it takes up too much time. Online selling is like the trending slot machine gamble. You lose more often than you win.

It should be noted that online selling requires a large capital. Small profits due to competition. You will need funds for promotion, creating an online store, stocking goods, and spending time learning necessary methods for product research, marketing systems, and more. Instead of earning money, your maternity leave might end.

But this is my opinion based on my experience.

Tips for Beginners in Online Selling

If you want to try online selling during maternity leave, try some tips below. I got these tips from various trusted websites. Here are the tips:

  1. Start with Products You Know: Choose products you understand and are interested in. This will make it easier for you to promote and answer customer questions.
  2. Use Trusted Platforms: Start with well-known e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. These platforms have a large customer base and user-friendly features.
  3. Utilize Social Media: Use social media to promote your products. Create engaging content that can attract potential buyers.
  4. Learn SEO: Optimize your product descriptions with relevant keywords to increase visibility in search engines.
  5. Try Dropshipping: If you don’t want the hassle of stocking goods, dropshipping can be a solution. You only need to focus on marketing and customer service.
  6. Start with Small Capital: Don’t invest a lot of money right away. Start with a small amount to see how the market responds to your products.

How About Income?

When it comes to selling, income is unlimited. To increase income, effort and luck are necessary. You need to keep innovating, understanding the market, and adapting to changing trends.

3. Joining Affiliate Programs: Passive Opportunity or Just a Dream?

Affiliate programs work almost the same way as dropshipping. The difference is that affiliate programs only promote a product or service link and earn a commission from sales made through that link. It looks simple and easy, but in reality, it’s not as easy as it seems.

How Affiliate Programs Work

  • Joining an Affiliate Program: Choose an affiliate program from a company or e-commerce platform that offers products or services relevant to your niche. Popular examples include Amazon Associates, Lazada, and the Shopee Affiliate Program.
  • Getting an Affiliate Link: After joining, you will be given a unique link that can be used to promote certain products or services. This link tracks sales that come from your promotions.
  • Promoting the Affiliate Link: Promote the link through various channels such as blogs, social media, YouTube videos, TikTok, or other platforms.

Generating Sales

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission. The commission percentage varies depending on the affiliate program and the type of product sold. For example, Amazon Associates offers commissions between 1% to 10% depending on the product category. Electronics might offer lower commissions (around 1-3%), while products like clothing or household items can offer higher commissions (up to 10%). Commissions are paid according to the affiliate program’s policies, usually monthly or after reaching a certain payment threshold.

Examples of How to Promote Affiliate Links

  • Creating a Blog: Writing articles that review the products or services you are promoting. These articles should be informative and relevant to your audience.
  • Sharing on Social Media: Sharing affiliate links on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can create engaging and interactive posts to attract your audience’s attention.
  • Creating Videos: Making videos on YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook that discuss or recommend products. Tutorial or unboxing videos often attract many viewers.

Reality Challenges

All of this takes a long time to generate money. If you want to spend your maternity leave without making sure you earn money, affiliate programs are perfect. Many sources mention that it takes years to succeed in affiliate programs. Is maternity leave granted for years?

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And if your affiliate link generates a purchase transaction, the percentage you get is very small. It certainly requires many transactions to feel profitable. Back to the issue of time, how long do you want to wait?

However, if you are curious about affiliate programs to make money during maternity leave, try:

  • Joining E-commerce Affiliate Programs: Like Amazon or Lazada, and promoting their products through blogs or social media. This can be a stable source of passive income if done consistently.
  • Becoming an Influencer: Promoting products on social media and earning commissions from every sale through affiliate links. Mothers active on social media can leverage their network to promote products.

Tips for Running an Affiliate Program:

  • Choose the Right Niche: Focus on topics you are interested in and understand so you can create authentic and engaging content.
  • Create Quality Content: Write informative articles and make engaging videos. High-quality content is more likely to gain trust and clicks from your audience.
  • Use SEO: Optimize your blog or video with relevant keywords to make it easily found on search engines.
  • Build Trust: Be transparent about your affiliations. People are more likely to buy through affiliate links if they feel they can trust you.
  • Consistency: Success in affiliate marketing takes time and consistency. Keep creating content and promoting your affiliate links.

4. Writing and Publishing an E-book: Dream or Nightmare?

I can’t fathom why anyone would suggest writing and publishing an e-book as a way to make money during maternity leave.

Writing is a job that consumes a lot of time and thought. The hardest part of writing is getting people to read your work or at least read a quarter of it.

I say this because my job is writing articles. I’ve experienced having my writings go unread. Spending days writing an article, only to have it read by only 50 people in a year.

Especially writing an e-book. Do you know what an e-book is?

Understanding E-books

An e-book is an electronic book that can be downloaded and read on digital devices. It is usually longer and more in-depth than an article. Imagine how many ideas and techniques are used to create interesting and useful writing. Also, imagine how much time it takes to make it. And imagine after writing for months, the e-book you made doesn’t sell for years. Even with low prices, even slashed prices. Or imagine only 1 to 5 copies sold over years.

The Reality of Writing an E-book

  • Takes a Long Time: Writing an e-book is not a quick task. It takes months or even years to complete.
  • Requires Many Ideas: Producing long and interesting content requires many fresh ideas and good writing techniques.
  • Difficult Marketing: After finishing writing, the next challenge is marketing the e-book so that others read and buy it.

Personal Experience

For example, I once wrote an e-book about parenting tips during maternity leave. Even though I promoted it intensively on social media and through my blog, only a few people bought it in the first year. This experience was very disappointing and frustrating.

However, if you are ready to face frustration and disappointment in writing an e-book, here are some ways and tips to start this writing job:

Tips for Writing and Publishing an E-book

  • Choose a Topic You Master: Start with a topic you understand and are interested in. This will ease the writing process and ensure content quality.
  • Plan Well: Create an outline or writing plan to keep your writing structured and focused.
  • Use Writing Tools: Utilize writing and editing tools like Grammarly or Scrivener to assist your writing process.
  • Attractive Design: Make sure your e-book has an attractive and professional design. You can use design services like Canva.
  • Marketing Strategy: Create an effective marketing plan, such as using social media, blogs, email marketing, and e-book selling platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing or Google Play Books.
  • Competitive Pricing: Set competitive prices and run discount promotions to attract more readers.

Example of E-book Prices

  1. Cheapest: Many e-books are sold at very low prices to attract readers, for example, $0.99 to $2.99. This price is often used for shorter e-books or as part of a promotion.
  2. Most Expensive: More in-depth and specific e-books can be sold at higher prices, depending on the topic and value offered. For example, e-books containing very detailed business or educational guides can be sold for $29.99 to $99.99 or more.
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5. Offering Online Consultation Services

The last way to utilize maternity leave to generate income is by offering online consultation services. This method is very promising. I also do this job, especially on freelance platforms and with clients. Yes, I offer SEO consultations from home.

The income earned is quite decent. I won’t mention the exact earnings, but once I get a client, I earn enough to cover my family’s living expenses for 3-4 months. For a single mom with two kids like me, this income is very meaningful and helpful.

There is no controversial opinion about this method because it truly generates income, and I also practice it.

Here are the steps and tips for running online consultation services for beginners to professionals:

Steps to Start Online Consultation Services

  1. Choose a Field of Expertise: Determine the field you are proficient in and can provide added value to clients. For example, SEO consultation, parenting, finance, or health.
  2. Build a Portfolio: Create a portfolio that showcases your skills and experience. This can be a personal website, blog, or profile on freelance platforms.
  3. Use Trusted Platforms: Start with trusted freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to get your first clients.
  4. Promote Your Services: Use social media, blogs, or email marketing to promote your consultation services. Explain the benefits clients can gain from your consultation.
  5. Set Competitive Prices: Set prices based on your skills and experience. You can offer consultation packages at different prices to attract various types of clients.
  6. Prepare Tools and Equipment: Ensure you have the necessary tools and equipment for online consultations, such as a computer with a good camera and microphone, and a stable internet connection.
  7. Create a Flexible Schedule: Set a flexible consultation schedule to balance work and family time.

Tips for Success in Online Consultation Services:

  • Offer Free Consultations: To attract new clients, offer a free consultation session as an introduction. This can help demonstrate the value you provide.
  • Build Trust: Build good relationships with your clients. Show that you care and are ready to help them achieve their goals.
  • Request Testimonials: After the consultation session, ask clients to provide testimonials that you can use to attract new clients.
  • Keep Learning: The online world is always changing. Ensure you keep learning and stay updated with the latest developments in your consultation field.
  • Provide Added Value: Always strive to give more than what clients expect. This could be additional tips, guides, or useful resources.


I have now come to the end of this article about ways to earn money during maternity leave. It is perfectly fine to look for ways to improve your economic status. However, remember that giving birth is not easy. There are many sacrifices involved, from trauma, pain, injuries, to recovery time. Maternity leave is a time granted by the company for you to recover. Use this time wisely and prioritize your health.

Remember, money cannot buy health. Money is important, but it is not everything. It can meet our needs, but the health and well-being of your family, especially your baby, are far more valuable. If your recovery is disrupted, it is not only you who suffers, but also the baby who relies heavily on you.

If you feel it is urgent to earn money, choose ways that do not interfere with your recovery process. Choose light and flexible activities that allow you to stay focused on your health and family.

If you have other methods or disagree with the contents of this article, please use the comment section to share your views. If you find this article helpful, do not hesitate to share it on social media and with your acquaintances. By sharing, we can help and support each other.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you gain benefits from this article. Enjoy your maternity leave wisely and healthily!

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