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Earn Up to $10,000/Month: 10 Ways to Make Money on Threads

10 Effective Ways to Make Money on Threads in 2024

Are you looking to monetize your activity on Threads? Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a newbie exploring new income streams, Threads offers multiple ways to earn money. This article breaks down the best strategies to maximize your earnings on this popular platform.

What is Threads?

Threads is a social media platform designed to facilitate focused and meaningful conversations. It allows users to create and follow threads of discussion, making it easier to keep track of topics of interest. The platform is particularly popular among content creators and influencers who use it to engage with their audience through structured and interactive posts.

1. Utilize Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions by promoting products. By sharing affiliate links in your posts, you can earn a percentage of the sales made through your links. Typical earnings range from 5% to 30% per sale, depending on the affiliate program. Use platforms like Amazon Associates or ShareASale to get started.


  • Low initial investment.
  • Potential for passive income.
  • Wide range of products to promote.


  • Requires a substantial following to generate significant income.
  • Dependence on third-party products.

2. Offer Exclusive Content

Create premium content that users can access for a fee. This could be in the form of e-books, tutorials, or exclusive videos. You can charge anywhere from $5 to $50 per item, depending on the value of your content. Payment can be processed through PayPal or Stripe, ensuring secure transactions.

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  • High earning potential.
  • Direct control over pricing and content.


  • Requires creating valuable content regularly.
  • May need a strong initial following to attract buyers.

3. Sponsored Posts

Partner with brands for sponsored content. Brands are willing to pay influencers to promote their products or services. Payments for sponsored posts can range from $100 to $10,000 per post, based on your follower count and engagement rate. Use platforms like AspireIQ or Influencity to connect with brands.


  • High earning potential per post.
  • Builds relationships with brands.


  • Can affect authenticity if not aligned with your brand.
  • Requires a significant following and engagement rate.

4. Sell Your Products

Threads is a great platform to sell your own products, whether they’re physical items like merchandise or digital products like online courses. Depending on the product, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $500 per sale. Use e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Etsy for seamless payment processing.


  • Full control over product offerings.
  • Potential for high profit margins.


  • Requires time and effort to create and manage products.
  • Initial investment in product development.

5. Membership Subscriptions

Offer a subscription model where followers can pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content or receive special benefits. Subscription fees typically range from $5 to $50 per month. Platforms like Patreon or Substack can handle the recurring payments for you.


  • Recurring revenue stream.
  • Builds a loyal community.


  • Requires ongoing creation of exclusive content.
  • May take time to build a significant subscriber base.

6. Leverage Your Expertise

Offer consulting services or webinars based on your area of expertise. Position yourself as an authority in your niche and charge for personalized advice or group sessions. Consulting fees can range from $50 to $500 per hour. Payment can be processed via PayPal or bank transfer.

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  • Requires significant expertise and reputation.
  • Time-intensive.

7. Crowdfunding

Use platforms like Patreon to receive financial support from your followers. In return, offer them unique perks such as behind-the-scenes content or early access to new releases. Earnings can vary, but successful creators often earn $1,000 to $5,000 per month from dedicated supporters.


  • Direct support from followers.
  • Builds a strong community.


  • Requires consistent engagement and content delivery.
  • Can be unpredictable and fluctuate.

8. Ad Revenue

If Threads allows for ad placement, leverage this by generating traffic to your content. The more views and engagements you get, the higher your potential ad revenue. You could earn anywhere from $0.01 to $0.10 per view, depending on the ad platform and your audience size.



  • Requires high traffic volumes.
  • Dependent on ad platform policies.

9. Create a Podcast or Video Series

Monetize your podcast or video series through sponsorships and ad placements. Additionally, use these platforms to direct traffic back to your Threads content, increasing overall engagement and earning potential. Sponsorship deals can range from $50 to $500 per episode, while ad revenue might bring in $10 to $100 per thousand views or downloads.


  • Multiple monetization avenues.
  • Enhances personal brand.


  • Requires substantial time and effort to produce content.
  • Needs a significant audience to attract sponsors.

10. Participate in Brand Collaborations

Engage in collaborations with other influencers and brands. These partnerships can expand your reach and provide additional income opportunities through co-branded products or joint promotions. Earnings from collaborations can vary widely, from $500 to $10,000 per project.

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  • Expands reach and audience.
  • Potential for high earnings.


  • Requires coordination and alignment with other parties.
  • Can dilute personal brand if not carefully managed.


Making money on Threads involves a combination of strategies that leverage your influence and expertise. Start with a few methods that best suit your strengths and audience, and expand as you grow. Remember, consistency and authenticity are key to maintaining engagement and maximizing earnings.

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