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How to Make Money Quickly on Twitch: A Guide for Beginners

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a video streaming platform that allows its users to broadcast live, primarily for video game content.

Users can watch others play games, interact with other viewers, or stream their own gameplay live.

Twitch also has other categories such as vlogging, cooking, music, and “Just Chatting”, where streamers simply sit and interact with viewers.

Twitch was founded by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear in 2007 and was acquired by Amazon in 2014. The platform is very popular among gamers and has a large community with many famous streamers.

Advantages of Twitch

There are several reasons why someone might choose Twitch as their streaming platform:

  1. Large Gaming Community: Twitch is home to a large and diverse gaming community, with millions of active users every month.
  2. Direct Interaction: Viewers can interact directly with streamers via chat, giving advice, or asking questions and receiving real-time answers.
  3. Variety of Content: Although Twitch’s main focus is video games, there is also other content such as vlogging, cooking, music, and the popular “Just Chatting” category.
  4. Ability to Save Streams: Twitch allows streamers to save their broadcasts, so viewers can rewatch previously aired content.
  5. Monetization Opportunities: Streamers can earn income through subscriptions, ads, donations, and affiliate product sales.

These factors make Twitch an attractive choice for many gamers and content creators to share and enjoy their hobbies online.

Disadvantages of Twitch

Some of the disadvantages of Twitch that users might experience are:

  1. Strict Content Curation: Twitch has strict community guidelines and limits the type of content that can be displayed, which may restrict creative freedom for some content creators.
  2. Focus on Live Streaming: Twitch might lose its appeal without the live streaming feature, despite having a large catalog of permanent videos.
  3. Less Attractive Thumbnails: The thumbnails used on Twitch are less eye-catching to viewers compared to other platforms like YouTube.
  4. Data Packages: In some countries like Indonesia, Twitch does not have special packages that can reduce the cost of watching content, which can be a problem for users with limited internet access.

These are some aspects that users might consider when choosing a streaming platform that suits their needs.

How to Use Twitch

To start using Twitch, you can follow these steps:

1. Create an Account and Prepare Your Equipment

You will need basic equipment such as a gaming computer or console, a webcam, and a quality microphone and headphones.

Here are the focused and complete steps to create a Twitch account and prepare your equipment:

Creating a Twitch Account

  1. Visit the Twitch Site: Open the Twitch website in your browser.
  2. Register: Click the ‘Sign Up’ button and fill in the requested details such as username, password, and email address.
  3. Confirm Account: Open the confirmation link sent to your email to activate your Twitch account.

Preparing Streaming Equipment

  1. Device: You will need a computer or console for streaming, as well as a camera and microphone.
  2. Quality: Make sure your equipment has good enough quality for clear video and audio streaming.
  3. Streaming Software: Use software like OBS Studio or XSplit to set up and manage your streaming.
  4. Internet Connection: Make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection to avoid interruptions during streaming.
  5. Account Settings: Customize your Twitch profile by uploading a profile picture and filling in a short bio about yourself and your channel.

2. Start Broadcasting

Actively live streaming is the key to earning income on Twitch.

Here are the focused and complete steps to start broadcasting on Twitch:

Configuring Streaming Software

  1. Choose Software: You can choose between OBS Studio, XSplit, or Twitch Studio for beginners.
  2. Install Software: Download and install the streaming software you have chosen.
  3. Set Up Settings: Open the software, go to the settings section, and configure it for Twitch.

Setting Up OBS Studio

  1. Open OBS Studio: Run the OBS Studio program.
  2. Go to Settings: Select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Stream’.
  3. Connect with Twitch: Select Twitch as the ‘Service’ and click ‘Connect Account’ to directly connect your Twitch account.
  4. Log In: Enter your Twitch username and password to log in.

Set Up Scenes and Sources

  1. Add Scenes: In OBS, a scene is the display that you will broadcast. You can add more than one scene for various displays.
  2. Add Sources: Sources are the content you want to display, such as games, webcam, or text.
  3. Set Up Audio: Make sure your microphone and system audio are configured correctly.

Start Broadcasting

  1. Check Internet Connection: Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Preview Stream: Use the ‘Preview’ feature to see the broadcast display before going live.
  3. Go Live: If you are ready, click ‘Start Streaming’ to start live broadcasting to your viewers.

3. Choose Broadcast Theme

Choosing an interesting and consistent theme can help you get regular viewers and followers.

Here are the focused and complete steps to choose an interesting broadcast theme:

Identify Target Audience

  • Know Your Audience: Determine who you want to attract as viewers. Understand their interests and preferences.
  • Align with Interests: Choose a theme that aligns with the interests of your target audience.

Learn from Competitors

  • Analyze Other Streamers: See what successful streamers in your niche are doing. Take inspiration from them without losing your authenticity.
  • Differentiate: Create a unique strategy for your channel based on what you learn from the competition.
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Set Broadcast Schedule

Choose an optimal broadcast time based on your location and market niche. Avoid peak times if it means tighter competition.

Choose Interesting Topics

  • Current Topics: Choose trending or up-and-coming topics that are also beneficial to viewers.
  • Consistency: Consistency in theme will help build a loyal viewer base.

Promote Broadcast

Use social media and other platforms to promote your broadcast. Let your followers know about upcoming broadcast themes.

Interact with Viewers

Create interactive content that involves viewers, such as Q&A or polls during the broadcast.

Evaluate and Adapt

  • Feedback: Listen to feedback from viewers and adjust your broadcast theme based on that feedback.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with new themes to see what resonates most with your viewers.

By following these steps, you can choose a broadcast theme that is not only interesting but also retains and increases your viewer count on Twitch.

Preparing to Earn Money from Twitch

To affiliate with Twitch and start your journey in earning money from streaming, you must meet Twitch’s basic requirements, such as:

  1. Minimum Broadcast: You must have broadcasted at least 500 minutes in the last 30 days.
  2. Broadcast Frequency: You must have broadcasted on at least 7 different days in the last 30 days.
  3. Viewers: You must have an average of 3 viewers or more over the last 30 days.
  4. Followers: You must have at least 50 followers on your Twitch channel.

After meeting these criteria, Twitch will send an invitation to join the Affiliate Program through your dashboard. By accepting this invitation and completing the registration process, you will be able to start earning money through subscriptions, Bits, and sales of games or game items on Twitch.

The registration process to become a Twitch affiliate involves several important steps after you receive the invitation:

  1. Basic Information: You will be asked to provide basic information about yourself and your Twitch channel.
  2. Terms and Conditions: You must read and accept the terms and conditions of the Twitch Affiliate Program.
  3. Tax Data: You must link your tax data to Amazon by filling out the royalty and tax service questionnaire (TIMS).
  4. Payment Method: You will choose the payment method you want, which will be set up through Tipalti, the payment system used by Twitch.

After completing these steps, you will officially become part of the Twitch Affiliate Program and can start earning money from your channel.

How to Start Earning Money on Twitch

Once you become an affiliate, activate monetization features such as subscriptions, Bits, ads, and others on your channel.

Here’s the explanation!

1. Subscriptions

Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. Subscriptions provide exclusive benefits to viewers and monthly income for you.

What is a Twitch Subscription?

A Twitch subscription is a way for viewers to financially support their favorite streamers. By subscribing, viewers gain access to exclusive content and various other benefits.

Subscription Tiers

There are three subscription tiers on Twitch:

  1. Tier 1: This is the basic level that offers exclusive emotes, chat badges, and ad-free access.
  2. Tier 2: Offers more emotes and additional benefits from Tier 1.
  3. Tier 3: The highest level with all the benefits from Tiers 1 and 2, plus additional exclusive emotes and other options.

Benefits of Twitch Subscriptions for Streamers

  • Recurring Income: Streamers get a portion of the subscription fee, which becomes a source of recurring income.
  • Closer Community: Building a closer community with more intense interaction with subscribers.
  • Exclusive Content: Opportunity to create exclusive content for subscribers, enhancing the added value of the channel.

Twitch streamers’ earnings from the subscription feature can vary depending on the number of subscribers and the subscription tier they choose.

Generally, subscription fees on Twitch range from $5 to $25 per month, with the money split evenly between the streamer and Twitch, usually 50/50.

However, some top streamers may get a larger share, up to 70% of each subscription.

Successful streamers can earn an average of $3,000 to $6,500 per month from subscriptions alone.

This does not include income from ads, donations, sponsors, and other sources. So, the earning potential of a streamer from Twitch can be quite significant if they have a large and active follower base.

2. Bits

Viewers can buy Bits from Twitch to support you. They use Bits to ‘Cheer’ in chat during live broadcasts, which is a form of financial support.

What are Bits?

Bits are a virtual currency on Twitch that allows viewers to financially support streamers. Viewers buy Bits from Twitch and use them to ‘Cheer’ in chat during live broadcasts.

How Bits Work

  • Purchase: Viewers can buy Bits through various payment methods such as major credit cards, Amazon Payments, PayPal, and others.
  • Cheer: To Cheer, viewers click the Bits icon in the chat box, select the Cheermote they want to use, and determine the amount. For example, typing “Cheer100” will Cheer with 100 Bits.
  • Financial Support: Each Bit used to Cheer in chat provides financial support to the streamer, usually at a rate of 1 cent per Bit.

Benefits of Bits for Streamers

  • Income: Streamers earn income from every Bit that is Cheered by viewers.
  • Engagement: Bits increase engagement and interaction in chat during live broadcasts.
  • Community: Helps build a community by giving recognition to viewers who support the channel.

How to Calculate the Value of Bits if Converted to Real Currency

To calculate the value of Twitch Bits if converted to real currency, you can use the standard rate where 100 Bits is equivalent to $1.00 USD after Twitch takes its cut.

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So, if you want to convert a certain amount of Bits to US dollars, you simply divide the number of Bits by 100 to get the corresponding dollar value.

For example:

  • 500 Bits is $5.00 USD.
  • 1,000 Bits is $10.00 USD.
  • 10,000 Bits is $100.00 USD.

This is a simple way to calculate the financial value of Bits that are Cheered by viewers on Twitch.

3. Ads

As a Twitch affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn income from ads shown during your broadcasts. This is an important part of monetizing your Twitch channel.

How Ads Work

  • Ad Impressions: Ads can be shown at the beginning, middle, or end of your broadcast.
  • Income: The income earned from ads is split between Twitch and the streamer, at a predetermined percentage.

Ad Incentive Program

Twitch offers an ad incentive program designed to provide steady income to streamers who meet certain criteria. This program incentivizes streamers to regularly show ads during their broadcasts.

Incentive Program Requirements

  • Ad Frequency: You may need to show a certain number of ads per hour of broadcast.
  • Viewer Engagement: Viewers must stay engaged while ads are shown to ensure ad effectiveness.

Benefits of the Incentive Program

  • Steady Income: By meeting the program requirements, you can rely on a steady source of income every month.
  • Income Optimization: This program helps you optimize ad income by providing guidelines on when and how many ads to show.

Ad Optimization Tips

  • Ad Schedule: Set an ad schedule so as not to disrupt important moments in your broadcast.
  • Viewer Interaction: Interact with viewers before and after ads to maintain their engagement.

Calculating Streamer Earnings from Ads on Twitch

Streamer earnings from ads on Twitch depend on several factors, including the number of ads shown, ad duration, and viewer count. Here is a common way of calculating earnings from ads:

1. Ad Incentive Program

Twitch offers an ad incentive program that provides a fixed payment each month if streamers meet certain requirements, such as showing ads for a certain number of minutes per hour.

2. Fixed Payment

Streamers who meet the incentive program requirements can earn a fixed income, for example:

  • $100 USD for 2 minutes of ads per hour.
  • $300 USD for 3 minutes of ads per hour.
  • $500 USD for 4 minutes of ads per hour.
3. Standard Rate

After meeting the minimum hours, streamers will earn income according to the standard rate, which varies based on viewer count and ads shown.

This income is guaranteed each month, regardless of viewer count, as long as the streamer meets the conditions of Twitch’s ad incentive program.

In addition, streamers can also earn additional income from ads based on the standard rate after meeting the incentive program requirements.

4. Donations

Viewers can also make direct donations to you through third-party platforms or Twitch’s donation feature.

Donations on Twitch can be made through several methods, including using Bits, Twitch’s virtual currency, or through third-party payment platforms.

Using Bits for Donations

  • Bits: Viewers buy Bits from Twitch and use them to ‘Cheer’ in chat during live broadcasts, which is a form of financial support.
  • Cheer: By typing “Cheer” followed by the number of Bits, viewers can show their support for the streamer.
  • Conversion: Each Bit that is Cheered by viewers is equivalent to 1 cent USD for the streamer.

Donations Through Third-Party Platforms

  • PayPal or Credit Card: Viewers can link their Twitch accounts with PayPal or a credit card to make donations.
  • Donation Steps: Viewers search for the channel they want to donate to, click the “Support” or “Donate” button, choose the donation amount, and confirm the transaction.

Benefits of Donations for Streamers

  • Direct Income: Donations provide direct income to the streamer without Twitch as an intermediary.
  • Interaction: Donations often come with messages displayed in chat, increasing interaction between viewers and streamers.

5. Sponsorship

Collaborating with brands or companies for sponsorship or product partnerships can be an additional source of income.

What is Sponsorship on Twitch?

Sponsorship on Twitch is a collaboration between a streamer and a brand or company to promote their products or services through the streamer’s Twitch channel.

Here is a focused and comprehensive explanation of how sponsorship works and how streamers can take advantage of it:

Understanding Sponsorship

  • Sponsorship: A collaboration in which a company pays a streamer to promote their products or services.
  • Sponsored Content: Sponsored content can appear in various forms, such as ads during broadcasts, trying out products live, or mentioning products in chat.

Benefits of Sponsorship for Twitch Streamers

  • Additional Income: Sponsorship provides an additional source of income for streamers.
  • Credibility: Collaborating with well-known brands can enhance a streamer’s credibility.
  • Brand Expansion: Helps expand the reach and brand of the streamer in the gaming community.

How to Get Sponsorship

  1. Build Audience: Develop your Twitch channel with a large and engaged audience.
  2. Network: Build a network with brands and companies that are relevant to your content.
  3. Proposal: Submit a professional sponsorship proposal to potential brands.
  4. Negotiation: Negotiate mutually beneficial sponsorship terms and benefits.

Tips for Success in Sponsorship

  • Choose Suitable Brands: Choose brands that align with the values and content of your channel.
  • Transparency: Explain to your audience about the sponsorship collaboration to maintain trust.
  • Creativity: Use creative ways to incorporate sponsor products or services into your broadcasts.

Streamer Earnings with Sponsorship on Twitch

There are many examples of streamers doing sponsorship on Twitch. For example, popular streamers like Ninja have successfully earned significant income through sponsorship with various brands.

Other streamers, like Slade, collaborated with Sennheiser to promote the GSP 500 headset, even though at the time his followers were only around 50 thousand, but the collaboration produced good results for both parties.

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In addition, there is also a long list of potential sponsors that Twitch streamers can explore, ranging from PC and laptop companies, gaming equipment, to energy drink brands.

Streamers can choose to work with sponsors that match their brand and content to create mutually beneficial collaborations.

Twitch streamer earnings from sponsorship vary greatly and depend on many factors, such as audience size, engagement level, and the type of content broadcast.

Here is some general information about earnings from sponsorship:

  • Earnings Per Hour: Streamers can earn per hour with rates between $0.01 USD to $1 per viewer. So, if on average a streamer is watched by about 10,000 viewers, then earnings can reach $1,000 USD to $10,000 USD per hour while the stream is sponsored.
  • Monthly Earnings: Streamers with a large and consistent follower base can earn a consistent amount of money every month, which can reach thousands of dollars.

However, it is important to remember that these figures are estimates and can change based on individual agreements between the streamer and the sponsor.

In addition, streamers who are just starting out or have a smaller audience may earn less income from sponsorship.

6. Sell Merchandise

You can sell merchandise or special products related to your channel to earn additional income.

Here is an explanation of how to start selling merchandise on Twitch:

  1. Merchandise Design: Create unique designs related to your channel, such as logos, slogans, or inside jokes understood by your community.
  2. Choose Products: Determine the type of merchandise you want to sell, such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, or gaming accessories.
  3. Choose Vendor: Choose a vendor or drop-shipping platform that will produce and ship products on your behalf.
  4. Twitch Integration: Use the integration features offered by the vendor to connect your merchandise store with your Twitch channel.
  5. Promotion: Promote your merchandise during broadcasts, on social media, and through your Twitch community.
  6. Store Settings: Set up your online store on the chosen platform and make sure the purchase process is easy for customers.

Benefits of Selling Merchandise

  • Additional Income: Selling merchandise can be a stable and recurring source of income.
  • Branding: Helps strengthen your brand in the Twitch community and beyond.
  • Community Engagement: Provides an opportunity for fans to show their support through product purchases.

Tips for Choosing a Vendor to Start Selling Merchandise on Twitch

Choosing the right vendor to sell merchandise on Twitch is an important step to ensure your products are of quality and the sales process runs smoothly.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right vendor:

  • Product Quality: Choose a vendor known for their high-quality products. This is important because your merchandise will represent your brand and Twitch channel.
  • Product Variety: Make sure the vendor offers a variety of product types you want to sell, such as t-shirts, hats, or other accessories.
  • Print-on-Demand Services: Consider vendors that offer print-on-demand (POD) services, so you don’t have to keep inventory and only print products when there are orders.
  • Platform Integration: Choose a vendor that can easily integrate with your Twitch platform and other platforms you might use, such as YouTube or TikTok.
  • Price and Fees: Compare prices and shipping fees from various vendors to find the most economical option without sacrificing quality.
  • Reviews and Reputation: Look for reviews from the vendor and check their reputation in the industry. A good vendor will have positive reviews from other customers.
  • Customer Support: A good vendor should offer responsive and helpful customer support, ready to handle any questions or problems that may arise.
  • Product Samples: Request product samples if possible, so you can assess their quality firsthand before deciding to work with the vendor.

By considering these factors, you will be more prepared to choose a vendor that will help you succeed in selling merchandise on Twitch.

Success Tips

  • Product Quality: Make sure the products you sell are of good quality to satisfy customers.
  • Attractive Design: An attractive design and relevant to your channel content will be more likely to be purchased by fans.
  • Reasonable Price: Set a reasonable and competitive price to attract more buyers.

By following these steps and utilizing successful tips, you can start and develop a profitable merchandise business on Twitch.


Twitch has become a popular platform that not only allows users to earn money from the internet but also channels their streaming hobbies.

The platform offers various interactive features that strengthen the community and connection between streamers and viewers.

Starting a streaming career on Twitch is not an instant process.

It takes time, dedication, creativity, and the ability to take advantage of the monetization opportunities offered by the platform. In addition, although starting can be free, investment in equipment and other resources is often required to achieve success.

Twitch provides more than just financial opportunities; it is a place to build a brand, develop skills, and possibly start a sustainable career in the gaming and entertainment industry.

If you have further questions about how to earn money on the internet through Twitch or other related topics, please use the comment column below.

Thank you for reading.

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