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Earn $1,000/Week on Audible: Tough Competition!

Audible offers various opportunities to earn money through narration, publishing, and affiliate marketing. Earnings depend heavily on your skills, dedication, and strategy. For beginners, it might take some time to build significant income, but with hard work and consistency, substantial earnings can be achieved.

What is Audible?

Audible is a service owned by Amazon that provides access to a vast collection of audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio programs. Users can listen to this content on various devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. Audible allows users to purchase and download audiobooks and subscribe to a monthly service for access to a wide range of audiobooks and premium audio content.

If you’re curious about how to make money with Audible, here are some ways to earn extra income along with the preparations needed:

1. Becoming an Audiobook Narrator

The program for becoming an audiobook narrator is available on Audible through the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) platform.

What is ACX?

ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) is part of Audible. ACX is a platform that connects authors, publishers, and literary agents with narrators, producers, and recording studios to create audiobooks. ACX is owned by Audible, which is a subsidiary of Amazon, and serves as a bridge to create and distribute audiobooks to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Here are the steps to join and start a career as an audiobook narrator on Audible through ACX:

Skills Needed

To become an audiobook narrator on Audible, there are several essential skills you need to have. Here are the main skills required:

1. Narration and Voice Acting Skills

  • Voice Control: You must have good control over your voice, including intonation, volume, and clarity. This includes the ability to alter your voice to fit different characters in the book.
  • Emotional Expression: The ability to express emotions through your voice is crucial. This helps bring the story to life and makes it engaging for listeners.
  • Timing and Pacing: Knowing when to speed up or slow down the narration and when to pause is vital to maintaining a good storytelling flow.

2. Diction and Clarity

  • Articulation: The ability to pronounce words clearly and accurately so that they are easily understood by the listeners.
  • Pronunciation: Knowing how to correctly pronounce difficult words or specific names, especially if the book contains many technical terms or foreign names.

3. Technical Skills in Audio Production

  • Use of Recording Equipment: Knowledge of microphones, audio editing software, and other recording equipment.
  • Audio Editing: The ability to edit audio recordings to remove mistakes, background noise, and ensure high audio quality.

4. Understanding of Story and Characters

  • Script Analysis: The ability to analyze the script and understand the characters and the storyline. This helps in delivering an authentic and engaging performance.
  • Speed Reading: The ability to quickly read and understand the script to prepare for narration.

How to Become an Audiobook Narrator on Audible

Visit the ACX website. Sign up and create an account as a narrator or producer. Make sure to complete your profile with detailed information about your skills, experience, and sample recordings of your voice. Then, follow these steps:

  • Complete Personal Information: Fill out your profile with comprehensive details about yourself, including narration experience, special skills, and the type of voice you have.
  • Upload Sample Recordings (Demos): Make sure to upload several sample recordings that showcase your narration abilities in various styles and genres.
  • Search for Projects: Browse available audiobook projects on ACX that need narrators. You can search by genre, book length, and other preferences.
  • Audition: Submit auditions for projects you are interested in. Read the excerpt requested by the project owner and upload your voice recording. If the project owner likes your audition, they will offer you a contract. You can choose between direct payment (pay-for-production) or royalty share. Pay-for-Production means you will be paid a rate per finished hour of production. Royalty Share means you will receive a percentage of the audiobook sales.
  • Record the Book: Once the contract is agreed upon, start recording the book according to ACX guidelines.
  • Edit and Produce: Ensure the audio quality meets ACX standards, including clean sound, proper pacing, and editing.
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After production is complete, upload the audio files to ACX. The project owner will review and approve the results. Once approved, the audiobook will be published on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

How Much Can You Earn?

  • Beginners: As a beginner narrator, you might earn around $50 to $150 per finished hour of audio production. If you engage in a royalty share project, your earnings can vary based on the book sales.
  • Professionals: Professional narrators with experience and a good reputation can earn between $200 to $500 per finished hour of audio production or more. They can also earn significant royalties if their audiobooks sell well.

Success Story

Scott Brick is one of the most renowned audiobook narrators. He has narrated over 800 books and is known as one of the best narrators in the industry. His earnings from audiobook narration can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

2. Publishing Audiobooks

Publishing audiobooks through ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) is an efficient way to reach new audiences and maximize the earning potential from your work. What skills are needed to publish an audiobook?

Skills Needed for Publishing Audiobooks

To publish an audiobook, there are several essential skills you need to possess or develop. These skills cover various aspects from writing, narration, audio production, to marketing. Here are the key skills required:

1. Writing and Editing

  • Writing Skills: Writing a good and engaging script is the first step. You need to ensure that your text is clear, flows well, and is suitable for listening.
  • Editing: The ability to edit the script to be free from grammatical and spelling errors. A clean and well-structured text will make the recording process easier for the narrator.

2. Understanding Narration and Audio Production

  • Selecting a Narrator: Choosing the right narrator for your book. The narrator should be able to bring the characters and emotions in your story to life.
  • Narration Skills (if you are the narrator): If you choose to narrate your own book, you need to have good narration skills, including mastery of intonation, articulation, and emotional expression.
  • Audio Editing: Basic knowledge of audio editing to ensure high sound quality and to remove any mistakes or disturbances.

3. Audio Production Techniques

  • Using Recording Equipment: Ability to use microphones, headphones, and other recording equipment.
  • Audio Editing Software: Proficiency in audio editing software such as Adobe Audition, Audacity, or GarageBand to cut, edit, and perfect the recordings.
  • Mastering: Ability to ensure that the final recording has consistent and professional sound quality.

How to Publish an Audiobook on ACX

Publishing an audiobook on ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) involves several steps from registration to publication. Here is a step-by-step guide to publishing your audiobook on ACX:

1. Create an Account on ACX

Visit the ACX website and sign up as an author, publisher, or narrator. You need to create an account with complete information about yourself.

2. Upload Book Details

After logging in, add the book you want to turn into an audiobook. You will be asked to enter details such as the title, author, publisher, and book synopsis. Make sure your book is available in digital format (eBook or print) on Amazon, as ACX requires this to verify your book.

3. Choose a Production Model

You have two main options for audiobook production:

  • Find a Producer: You can search and select a narrator or producer through auditions.
  • Do It Yourself: If you have the necessary skills and equipment, you can produce the audiobook yourself.

4. Prepare the Script for the Narrator

Prepare the script in a format that is easy for the narrator to read. This is usually a clear and error-free text or PDF file.

5. Search for and Select a Narrator

  • Post the Project: Post your project on ACX and let narrators submit auditions. Include detailed information about the genre, book length, and narration style you want.
  • Listen to Auditions: Listen to the auditions submitted by narrators and select the one that best fits your book.
  • Sign a Contract: After choosing a narrator, negotiate and sign a contract. You can choose between direct payment (pay-for-production) or royalty share.
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6. Recording and Production Process

The narrator will start recording the book. This involves reading the entire script and ensuring good recording quality. After recording is complete, the narrator or producer will edit and master the recording to ensure high audio quality.

7. Upload and Review

  • Upload Recordings: The narrator or producer will upload the audio files to ACX. You will have the opportunity to review each section of the audiobook.
  • Revisions if Needed: If there are parts that need to be fixed, you can request revisions from the narrator.

8. Publication

Once you are satisfied with the final result, you can approve the project for publication. Your audiobook will be distributed to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. This process usually takes a few weeks.

Earnings from Publishing Audiobooks

  • Beginners: As a new author publishing audiobooks, initial earnings might not be very high, possibly around $100 to $500 per month depending on sales.
  • Professionals: Authors or publishers with many books and a large listener base can earn thousands of dollars per month from audiobook royalties.

Success Stories

  • Andy Weir: The famous author of “The Martian,” Andy Weir, released his book in an audio format that became very popular on Audible. The success of this book, including in audio format, provided significant earnings through royalties.
  • Rupi Kaur: The author of the poetry book “Milk and Honey,” Rupi Kaur, also released her work in audio format on Audible. This book was highly successful and helped increase her overall earnings.

3. Affiliate Marketing

You can promote Audible through affiliate marketing and earn commissions for every new customer who signs up through your referral link. You don’t need any special skills for this. Just follow the steps below:

Steps for Audible Affiliate Marketing

Here are the steps to get started with Audible affiliate marketing and earn money from their affiliate program:

1. Sign Up for the Audible Affiliate Program

Audible is part of Amazon, so you can sign up through Amazon Associates. Some regions may have direct access to the Audible affiliate program due to:

  • Regional Marketing Strategies
  • Local Regulations and Laws
  • Payment Infrastructure
  • Market Penetration and User Base
  • Third-Party Partnerships
  • Availability of Services and Content

2. Create an Account and Set Up Your Profile

Complete all necessary information when signing up, such as name, address, and payment information. Verify your account according to the instructions provided by the platform.

3. Obtain Affiliate Links

Browse the Audible products or services you want to promote, such as audiobooks, Audible memberships, or free trials. Use the tools provided by Amazon Associates to create unique affiliate links that you can share.

4. Understand the Commission Structure

Learn the commission structure of the Audible affiliate program. Typically, you will earn a commission for each customer who signs up for a free trial or purchases a membership through your affiliate link. You usually earn a commission of around $5 to $10 for each successful free trial sign-up. Commissions vary depending on the product or service sold.

5. Promote Your Affiliate Links

  • Website or Blog: Create relevant content on your website or blog. Write audiobook reviews, articles about the benefits of Audible membership, or guides on how to use Audible. Optimize your blog or website content for search engines (SEO). Use relevant keywords to increase the visibility of your content.
  • Social Media: Share affiliate links on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Use engaging and relevant content to attract your audience’s attention.
  • Email Marketing: If you have an email list, send out email campaigns promoting Audible. Provide information about special offers or the benefits of Audible membership.
  • YouTube and Podcasts: If you have a YouTube channel or podcast, create content discussing Audible and include affiliate links in the description or within the episodes.


  • Beginners: Beginner affiliates might earn around $100 to $300 per month, depending on how effectively they promote Audible and the amount of traffic they drive to Audible.
  • Professionals: Experienced affiliates with a large following or high traffic can earn over $1,000 per month from affiliate commissions.

Success Story

Pat Flynn, a well-known online entrepreneur, uses affiliate marketing to generate income. He recommends Audible to his followers and earns commissions from each sign-up through his affiliate links. Flynn is known to generate thousands of dollars per month from various affiliate programs, including Audible.

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Additional Ways to Make Money Directly Through Audible

Besides becoming an audiobook narrator, publishing audiobooks, and affiliate marketing, there are several other ways you can explore to earn money from Audible. Here are some additional methods:

1. Become an Audiobook Reviewer on Audible

While not all reviewers are paid, there are opportunities to become a recognized reviewer by Audible or related review sites. As an influential reviewer, you may receive promotional offers or paid collaborations.

2. Audible Bounty Program

Audible offers a bounty program to participants in their affiliate program. You can earn additional commissions if someone signs up for an Audible trial and then becomes a paid member after the free trial.

3. Leverage Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus

If you have exclusive audio content or special programs, you can try to get them included in the Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus catalog. These programs offer subscriptions to customers for listening to exclusive content, and you can earn a share of the subscription revenue.

4. Sell Audiobooks Through Audible’s Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)

In addition to publishing your own audiobooks, you can also work as a producer to help other authors publish their books on Audible. You can offer production services or become a partner in a royalty share scheme.

5. Exclusive Content and Audible Originals

Audible often seeks exclusive content or Audible Originals. If you have an idea for innovative audio content, you can submit a proposal to Audible to be produced as an Audible Original, which can provide steady income or royalties based on the content’s popularity.

What are the Controversies in Making Money from Audible?

Earning money from Audible can be an attractive source of income, but there are several controversies and challenges that narrators, authors, and affiliate marketers need to consider. Here are some issues that are often highlighted:

1. Royalty Sharing and Contracts

  • Low Royalties: Some authors and narrators feel that the percentage of royalties they receive from Audible is too low, especially when shared with producers or publishers. This becomes a major issue if sales do not meet expectations.
  • Complicated Contracts: There are complaints that the contracts provided by ACX and Audible are too complicated and often not transparent about how royalties are calculated.

2. Creative Control and Copyright

Authors working through ACX may lose some creative control over how their books are produced and promoted. There are concerns about copyright protection, especially regarding audiobook piracy or unauthorized use.

3. Production Quality

With many different narrators and producers on ACX, the quality of audiobook production can vary greatly. Authors and listeners sometimes feel that the audio quality does not meet their expectations. For authors who choose to produce their audiobooks themselves, the cost of quality production equipment and software can be very high.

4. Intense Competition

The audiobook market is becoming increasingly saturated with many authors and narrators joining in. This makes it harder to stand out and generate significant sales. For beginner narrators, it is challenging to get projects as they have to compete with more experienced and well-known narrators.

5. Payment and Access Issues

Some narrators and authors complain about slow royalty payments and lack of transparency in sales reports. The Audible affiliate program may not be available in all regions, limiting opportunities for affiliate marketers in certain countries.

6. Ethical Concerns

There are concerns about fake or paid reviews that can influence the rankings and sales of audiobooks on Audible. Some affiliates might use misleading marketing techniques to attract users to sign up, which can harm the reputation of Audible and ethical marketers.

7. Audiobook Returns

Audible has a return policy that allows customers to return audiobooks after listening to them. Some authors and narrators feel that this policy is abused and reduces their income.

How to Address Controversies and Challenges

To tackle these controversies and challenges, here are some steps you can take:

  • Understand Your Contracts and Rights: Before signing a contract with ACX or Audible, make sure you understand all the terms and how royalties will be shared. Consult a legal expert if necessary.
  • Invest in Quality: Focus on producing high-quality products, both in terms of narration and audio production, to build a strong reputation.
  • Transparency and Ethics: As an affiliate marketer, ensure you use ethical and transparent marketing techniques. Avoid fake reviews or misleading tactics.
  • Diversify Income: Do not rely solely on one source of income from Audible. Consider diversifying through other platforms or methods to make money from audiobooks.

By considering and addressing these controversies, you can take advantage of opportunities to earn money from Audible in a more informed and ethical manner.

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